Why Should You Book a Limo in Sedona, AZ

Booking a limo is always a fun memorable experience. More often than not, it means you are marking a special occasion and want to celebrate it in style. If you are in Sedona, AZ a limo service makes your special dates even better.
So when and why should you book a limo in Sedona, AZ?


Limos are fun for all ages. Whether it’s your child’s Sweet 16, a 21st birthday full of drinks, or you’re turning 40, a limo will make you feel special. You can gather your friends and make it a party or have a classy ride to your party venue. If you’re looking to book a limo in Sedona these days, who better to turn to that the leading company in the state, Desert Sedan Limo!

Desert Sedan Limo is one of the most reliable limousine services in Sedona, AZ. Having the peace of mind is everything because your focus is on your special day, not on the logistics of getting there. You can be sure the car will be there to pick you up and get you to your destination on time. While they are based in the great state of Arizona, they also provide our services in every major US city from coast to coast!


If you’re traveling to Sedona on business and have an important meeting or event you need to attend, treat yourself to a limo. Make sure you get from the airport to the venue in time, and safely.
Desert Sedan Limo puts your safety first. Limos are usually fully insured! DSL’s chauffeurs are vetted, trained and experienced drivers who will be there for you and your party. They have the best liability insurance so you can rest assured you are in safe hands.


A special day for you and your partner must be celebrated with a special vehicle. A limo is an amazing way to show your significant other that this day is memorable. If you’ve already spent a fortune on your anniversary gift and are worried about breaking your bank, Desert Sedan Limo has you covered. When you rent a limo for a business trip or any other special event, you do not need to worry about hidden fees. Everything is upfront and there are no later charges to worry about.

book a limo in Sedona

Relax in a Limo

Besides their reliability, safety, and affordability, limo rides are very relaxing. The sheer luxury of the ride will lighten up your mood. If you want to attend an event or business meeting, you’ll want to look relaxed and fresh.

Desert Sedan Limo’s vast fleet of vehicles also ensures that all your requests will be met.
• The Corporate Sedan: Accommodates 3 passengers and can hold up to 3 pieces of luggage plus 2 carry-ons. The sedans are all-new, have tinted windows, an excellent sound system, and a luxurious leather interior.
• The Limo: Accommodates 6-8-10 passengers depending on the type of limo you reserve. The limousines have tinted windows, full bar, flat-screen TV/DVD, excellent sound system, cabin partition, and luxurious leather interior.
• The SUV’s: Accommodate 6 passengers and luggage. Vans accommodate up to 10 passengers with luggage and up to 14 passengers without luggage. These vehicles have tinted windows, CD/DVD player, an excellent sound system, and a luxurious leather interior.
• Motor Coaches and Limo Buses: Motorcoaches accommodate 25-55 passengers for any distance trip. We can handle specific requests for any size group, large or small.

Book a limo in Sedona

If you want to book a limo in Sedona, but you are reluctant because of the pandemic, Desert Sedan Limo has taken measures to protect you.
All their employees have their temperatures taken at the beginning and end of their shifts. They are also obliged to wash their hands every 60 minutes or use hand sanitizer if a sink is not available.
Chauffeurs are obliged to also wash their hands after sneezing or touching their face. If any symptoms are detected, they are no longer permitted to continue working.

All chauffeurs are required to wear masks and face coverings when working. They will also wear gloves when handling your luggage. In addition, Desert Sedan Limo has made available complimentary masks and hand sanitizers for their passengers.
During this time, passengers will not be allowed to sit in the front seat and will have to sit in the back where a sneeze guard will be there to ensure maximum safety. They will also be traveling in limos that are clean and disinfected daily with products known to effectively kill viruses, including COVID-19.
So make your special event even better, get a limo at Desert Sedan Limo.

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